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postheadericon Service Types

Services at the metabolomics facility

  • Advices regarding the extraction protocols;

  • Methods for extraction (depends on the type of samples);
  • Mass spectral analysis (triple quadrupole);
  • Detailed protocols for the results.

Additionally payment is required for the following services:

  • Extensive identification of unknown compounds;

  • Extensive statistical analysis on obtained results.

Description of the analyses offered by JGC



Operations performed at JGC

Qualitative analysis

(single scan)

1. Purified and dry sample

2. Purified and dry sample which needs additional sample preparation (derivatization)

3. Semi purified sample which needs further purification

4. Raw sample from plant, animal or synthetic origin which needs preliminary sample preparation before analysis (derivatization)

According to the condition of the sample it is subjected to further manipulations (extraction, fractionation, drying, filtration, derivatization etc) to an extent suitable for analysis or is directly analyzed with GC/QQQ Agilent technologies 7890A. The results obtained are given to the client with or without analysis.

Quantitative analysis

(triple scan)

Qualitative and quantitative analysis

(single and triple scan)