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JGC offers a wide range of services based on high throughput equipment and highly qualified stuff working at the Center.
High-tech and high-throughput analyses:


  • Genomics (sequencing; various DNA markers as SSR; AFLP, SNP; gene expression profiles and genotyping);
  • Metabolomics (GC-MS (gas chromatography /mass spectormetry); GC/MS/MS; HPLC (High Performancy Liquid Chromatography); NMR (in collaboration). Metabolites to be determined flavonoides, phenilproponoides; sterols; carotenoids; fatty acids; free amino acids and small petides; terpenes etc.
  • Bioinformatics (bioinformatics cluster, access to local grid frames and supercomputer; remote bioinformatics resources, collaborative framework with European and worldwide bioinformatics centers.

Services areas of application:

  • DNA fingerprinting for cultivar and bred identification and purity
  • Diagnosis and assessment of the genetic and phyto-sanitary status of the plant and seed materials for seed producers and plant nurseries.
  • rotection of the intellectual property of various bioproducts DNA and metabolic level
  • Detection of genetically modified organisms
  • Control analysis of various plant and animal food products, their quality and safety status based on DNA and metabolomic level.
  • The Technology Platforms (TP) as a base of products development
    The consortium based Technology Platforms (Fig. 3 - based on the grape and wine variety Mavrud) will be organized on the base of interdisciplinary and public private partnership as well as on nonprofit organizations partnership.


    Fig. 3 Technology Platform referring to the grape variety and wine Mavrud (example of a Consortium)

    Intellectual Property
    The aim is the newly developed product would reach a stage of prototype which as a commercial novelty (know-how, patent, trade mark etc.) could serve as base for the establishment of spin off companies (Fig. 2).
    The IPR of the innovative product is likely to have different dimensions and it will be determined by:
    - the size of the financial participation
    - the degree of the know-how developed by each partner before or during the project-run.
    In all cases a consensus among the participating parties should be reached before the Technology Platform starts its realization. JGC can play a major, crucial role in this process.