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At the present moment JGC has interests in the following fields that are of great economic importance for the country in the short-term and long-term:
In the field of agriculture, forestry and environment, using up-to-date knowledge, JGC plans to investigate crops (eg wheat, maize), grown in Bulgaria, in the region and other countries, by applying a genomic approach (DNA marker assisted selection, gene expression, sequencing etc.) for the identification of genotypes which could contribute to studying and development of such cultivars resistant to abiotic (eg drought, frost) and biotic (eg disease, pests) stress . This will allow our country to benefit as soon as possible from the practical achievements in those areas.
In the field of food, medicines, cosmetics, from 1010 compounds approved for use in medicine 44% are natural bioactive compounds or their derivatives. Bulgaria is characterized by rich biodiversity. By qualitative and quantitative metabolomic analyses JGC aims to to select a range of products which have strong antioxidant, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-flamatory, ant-tumoral qualities.
Bulgaria has a variety of plant and animal products with specific and unique taste, aroma, composition and action. Priority will be given to the identification, characterization, studying of the properties, food ingredients and health properties in traditional Bulgarian products, which play a major role in maintaining human health.

In the field of biodiversity conservation - the selection of economically and environmentally unique for the country organisms (microorganisms, plants, animals); establishing of a gene bank for preservation of DNA, tissues and organs of the selected organisms. Establishment of a gene bank for local species close to extinction, i.e. fruit and vegetables, herbs, medical plants, crops, aborigine breeds of animals is one of the first priorities and a necessity for the effective operation of the JGC.