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In 2001 the Bulgarian Government had launched the program Genomics, which is one of the five research programs with national priority in an agreement with EU priority policy. Macroeconomic stability in Bulgaria has allowed the establishment of the Joint Genomic Center in 2007. This was considered as a vital step in the development of life science innovation policy in Bulgaria and in the region as a whole mainly in respect of promoting partnership between research, education, public and private sectors. The strategic mission of the Joint Genomic Center is to extend the competitiveness of the Bulgarian bio-economy by:
  • increasing the integration of the three components of the knowledge triangle - education, research, innovation - new ideas are born and realized only when academia, researchers and the business work most efficiently;
  • increasing the scale and the quality of the affordable food through development of next generation of innovative products for agricultural, food and pharmacological industry.
  • protecting the agri-food industry and the food market in Bulgaria through reducing the import and increasing the export.
  • development and commercialization of new innovative services, and technologies necessary to ensure the production of high quality plant and seed material and the control and safety of food and feed plant and animal products.
  • development of world class education and training for Bulgarian science.