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postheadericon You're responsibilities as a grower

Respect other growers, their plants and their space

Keep personal area on and around bench clean and weed free. No storing of materials such as pots, media, fertilizer etc., in the greenhouse

Stay within allocated space with all plants and associated materials

If automatic irrigation is provided, it is your responsibility to check crops on a regu-lar basis for correct irrigation and schedule. Avoid over-watering.

Check routinely for the presence of insect pests and diseases. It is your responsibility to report outbreaks to PGF. If you want to personally apply pesticides, this must be discussed with PGF before any application can be made

Sanitary cultivation is required, including but not limited to the use of new or steam pasteurized media, removal of dead plant material from the greenhouse and the use of new/disinfected containers.

Trashcans are provided for your convenience. Please empty trashcans into the dumpster/compost bin if you contribute significantly to them, or if they are full

Leave bench, floor and surrounding space as you found it upon completion with your project

Discuss any changes in structure (i.e. addition of light fixtures, cages etc.,) with PGF

Do not adjust environmental controls! If adjustment is needed, contact PGF

If the above conditions are not met and PGF must extend labor in order to meet these conditions, you will be charged a 10 lev/hour cost for compensation of our time.

I have read and understand the previously stated conditions and will abide by these terms:

Signature: _____________

Date: _____________

PGF thanks you for your cooperation in helping us to maintain a positive

environment for research and business.