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postheadericon Pyrosequencing

Genetic analysis by real-time sequencing of PCR templates

PyroMark Q96 ID is a multi-application genetic analysis solution that provides sequence information directly from the PCR product. PyroMark Q96 ID uses a standard 96-well format and sequences up to 96 samples in parallel. For more information regarding PyroMark Q96 ID, please click here. The principle of pyrosequencing is visually explained here.


SNP and mutation analysis

Pyrosequencing is a direct DNA sequencing technique, which gives unambiguous SNP genotyping results as well as some redundant sequence information beyond the SNP position.

Quantitative analysis of CpG methylation

The Pyrosequencing technology allows the quantitative analysis of CpG methylation of single Cytosines in known DNA sequences. Using the standard treatment of genomic DNA with bisulfite, unmethylated Cytosine (C) is converted to Uracil (U). At the same time, methylated Cytosine (mC) remains unchanged. After PCR amplification, Uracil (U) is converted to Thymine (T), whereas methylated Cytosine (mC) is converted to Cytosine (C). Discrimination between mC and C can be acheived by transforming mC and C to appear as a C/T SNP. The level of methylation of analyzed C is determined by the proportion mC/C which is determined by the proportion of C/T in the analyzed PCR products. Pyrosequencing can then quantify the C/T ratio in an accurate and reproducible manner by sequential addition of the nucleotides

Short DNA sequencing - Microbial identification

PyroMark Q96 ID the complete solution for sequence-based microbial identification based on sequencing of specific short fragments

For detailed information regarding the application of pyrosequencing, the available at the JGC pyrosequencing assays, consumables and kits, as well as commercially offered kits for specific analysis, please contact the persons responsible for the Pyrosequencing service at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it